Eight Factors For Choosing The Right Closet Light

November 26,2021

China Oem Wholesale Closet Light Manufacturer

To install a linear light in your closet becomes more and more popular but it may also exist some potential risks such as fire hazard. So it is necessary to select closet light with high quality. We will show you how to pick high quality wardrobe light from the following eight aspects.


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Choose a brand


We'd better choose famous brand or trademark with "R" registered enterprise products. The other is to check the appearance. Ensure that the LED lamp has a beautiful appearance, and the printing handwriting of product trademarks, models and specifications is clear and beautiful, and there should be no deformation, paint loss and uneven colors.


Choose a large radiator


LED lamps usually use aluminum as radiators, and the larger the contact area between radiators and air, the better. Because heat dissipation is beneficial to prolong the life of bulbs. Bulb and smallpox spotlights do not have too large air holes, so as not to crawl in mosquitoes during use, thus affecting the lighting effect or causing unnecessary damage.


Check for color temperature errors


You can turn on the LED light and make it shine on the white wall. If there are obvious color temperature errors such as color spots, color circles, etc., it is a bulb with poor quality.


Check whether there is a time difference


When LED lights are turned on, there is a time difference between a few tenths of a second and two seconds when the lights are powered on, which is a normal phenomenon. Because the lamp may be driven by the constant current source of IC integrated circuit.


Check whether the bulb heats evenly

When working, the heating of the lamp body should not be too high or uneven. If there is such a phenomenon, it shows that there are problems in the design or manufacturing process of the lamp, and the light decay is easy to be damaged.


Check the brightness difference


Because of the high brightness of LED lamps, it is difficult to judge the brightness of two brands of the same type of lamps under the same conditions, and it is also easy to harm the eyesight of the eyes. Usually, we suggest to cover the light source with a piece of white paper, and then compare it after the light is attenuated by the white paper, so that it is easier to see the brightness difference of the light, and the higher the brightness, the better. In addition, the color temperature is close to the color of sunlight.


If time permits, you can compare the brightness of two lamps of the same specification first, then light one of them continuously for one week, and then compare the brightness with the lamp compared before. If there is no obvious dimming, it means that the light fades less and the quality of the lamp pearl source is better.


Check whether there will be brightness changes with the start-up of high-power electrical appliances


LED lights in the work, around refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters and other high-power appliances start, there should be no light and dark changes. If there is such a phenomenon, it shows that the driving of the LED lamp is not constant current or constant voltage, which has a certain impact on the life of the lamp.


You can also observe the quality of LED lights through the camera of your mobile phone, although this standard is not very accurate. Those with stripes scrolling and flashing are definitely not good, but those without stripes scrolling and flashing are not necessarily good, because there are differences between our mobile phone screens and cameras.


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China Oem Wholesale Closet Light Manufacturer