Top Challenges of Wireless Controller in Outdoor Lighting & Their Solutions

November 26,2021

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The wide use of LEDs and different types of requests mean that different wireless controllers are required. Such as adjusting the color of RGB, the change of color temperature.


LED controller has many challenges in outdoor landscape lighting. This article will let you understand these challenges and solutions.


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What is LED wireless controller?

LED controller is a special chip processing management LED lightings show functionality of the switch.The operator are going to handle the motorist circuit depending on to the course input in advance, to ensure LED lightings can be usual and adjustment consistently as our team presume.


The LED operator may change the RGB tricolor intelligent lighting, as well as also can be utilized for distant dimming.


Let’s look at these challenges now

Challenge # 1: Waterproof problem

In outdoor lighting, the primary problem facing LED controllers and dimming power products is waterproofing. If the products are not waterproof, they cannot be used directly in an outdoor environment, and a waterproof box needs to be installed. Because if water penetrates into the power supply or controller products, it may cause the circuit to be short-circuited and damaged. Therefore, LED dimming power supply products need to adopt IP65, IP67 grade. Therefore, great attention must be paid to the material selection, design, potting, and waterproof components of the housing.


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Challenge # 2: Security issues

Safety should be given priority in the application of lighting products. LED controllers and LED dimming power supply products need to comply with national standards and comply with CCC certification. The product should be designed with multiple protection measures, such as short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection and so on. Of course, during the construction process, professional personnel are required to install in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions.


Challenge # 3: Flashing and compatibility issues

If the selected led controller products and dimming power supply products do not match or have poor compatibility with the dimming system or control system, problems such as dimming flicker and poor consistency may occur. High compatibility and non-flicker are also the key to whether they can be widely used in landscape lighting.


Challenge # 4: Its lifespan

The life of the LED drive power supply greatly affects the life of the LED lamps. Therefore, in the landscape, the selection of an LED dimming power supply that meets the life requirements has also become the key to improving the life of the lighting system.


Wireless Controller Factory,Wireless Controller  Manufacturer,China OEM Wireless Controller


Which of these challenges you haven’t solved? Which solution helps you solve it? One of the secrets to ensure that the controller can be used for a long time is to check which ones are suitable for your project. After all, there are many kinds of them. Wireless controller-three outputs is our very popular product, since it can achieve independent control of 3 outputs. Interested in it? You can feel free to contact us.


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