12V,6W,300LM,CRI≥80,3000K Warm White LED linear light with touch switch

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  • Dimension
  • Input voltage
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    18 pcs SMD 5630
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  • CRI
  • Color temperature
    2700k-6500k optional
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    1.8m lead and end with a mini connector and mounting accessories
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    white box or custom
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Founded in 2007,we’re always dedicated to creating value through providing solution of furniture and display lighting system.

We have 30 technical engineers which commit to providing innovative and reliable LED solutions to clients, including lighting fixture, distribution block, control and power supply system. Moreover, ourprecision-based project designs are completed by our various professional teams in five major areas, such as optics, electronics, mechanical engineering, thermal physics, and components.

With the establishment of tooling company, driver technical division and high-techlaboratory, we are more powerful to complete projects even within one month.

In addition to being capable of passing UL and ETL, and other testing work, our laboratories maintain an effective partnership with various authoritative certification bodies.Thus, ourproducts are fully in compliance with LED and electronic standards in EU and North American regions.With business getting bigger, the expansion of plant helps us have more productive force to hold more. We also import more machines and testers to support customers.

Our factory is over 24000m². It’s consist of three buildings.We do OEM and ODM. All the building are built according to requirement of ISO and 6S management.Alsowe set exclusive production area for business partners to protect customer’s patent.When the time comes, we will have more productivity and bring more advanced equipment to serve customers.



Features of LED Strip Light


1. Energy efficiency


LED lights use about 50 percent less electricity than traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen options, resulting in substantial energy cost savings, especially for spaces with lights that are on for extended periods. LEDs also aim light in a specific direction unlike conventional bulbs, which emit light—and heat—in all directions (because LEDs are mounted on a flat surface, they emit light hemispherically rather than spherically). This directional lighting capability reduces wasted light and energy.


2. Extended life


Unlike incandescent lighting, LEDs don’t “burn out” or fail, they merely dim over time. Quality LEDs have an expected lifespan of 30,000–50,000 hours or even longer, depending on the quality of the lamp or fixture. A typical incandescent bulb lasts only about 1,000 hours; a comparable compact fluorescent lasts 8,000 to 10,000 hours.


3. Durability 


Without filaments or glass enclosures, LEDs are breakage resistant and largely immune to vibrations and other impacts. Traditional lighting is usually contained in a glass or quartz exterior, which can be susceptible to damage. LEDs, on the other hand, tend not to use any glass, instead they are mounted on a circuit board and connected with soldered leads that can be vulnerable to direct impact, but no more so than mobile phones and similar small electronic devices. 



 Must known Info about LED 


With LED lights and fittings lasting longer than ever before, it is important to consider carefully just how to pick the very best LED lights for your house and inevitably prepare the lighting layout from the start.


In this article, we mainly talk about LED to help you obtain most from acquiring LED.


What is LED?


Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are miniature lights using enhanced efficiency, longer lifetime and basically no infra-red or UV discharges. Simply put an LED is a semi-conductor gadget that emits light when an electric current is travelled through it.


Does LED get hot?


It is a myth that LEDs do not produce heat. They do, however not as high as halogens used to which were too hot to touch. LEDs can typically be touched without damaging the nude skin. It deserves noting though that LED fittings require high quality thermal administration to dissipate the heat that they do create. This will certainly ensure that they maintain colour uniformity, lumen output and anticipated light life.


How do you measure colour temperature?


Colour temperature is measured in levels Kelvin of white light. Sunlight rise/sun set is around 3000 Kelvins compared to a candle fire of around 1800 Kelvin. Warm white colours are the perfect for property applications. These can vary between 2200K and 3200K. We recommend utilizing items of 2700K for the excellent warm white light for the home and yard.


What is colour rendering?


CRI (Colour Rendering Index) is an indication of exactly how accurate a "given" light is at providing colour when contrasted to daylight on a range of 0-100. The higher the CRI, the much better the colour making ability. Good is in between 80-90, premium 90+.


Why is colour consistency so important?


White LEDs differ in colour so to achieve colour consistency excellent LEDs are specifically chosen or binned.


How energy efficient are LEDS?


Initially we have to comprehend the measurements made to judge this:


  • Watts-- Watts is the step of energy eaten-- W.
  • Lumens --- Lumens is a measurement of light output-- Lm.
  • Efficiency-- Efficiency is the variety of lumens generated for each and every Watt of power eaten-- Lm/W.


Halogen light bulbs are the least reliable light producing 700 Lumens from 60 Watts. Contrast this to an LED light bulb which for 9 Watts delivers 800 Lumens. A 50 Watt tungsten halogen downlight light produced 720 Lumens compared to a devoted LED downlight of 740 Lumens for only 8 Watts.


Why does LED flicker and buzz?


LED fittings require quality drivers to offer a constant power to them. This then requires to be married to a suitable control system. It is this compatibility of quality LED fittings, vehicle drivers and controls which will certainly guarantee flicker totally free dimming. Speak to a professional at John Cullen Lighting to attain trouble complimentary dimming.


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1.May I have a sample order ?
Yes, sample order is available.

2. What about the lead time?
The lead time of sample is 5-7 days, the delivery time of order is 7-45 days.

3. Do you have any MOQ limit for order?
Yes, the MOQ limit is according to different product.

4. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?
We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping is optional.

5. How to proceed an order?
Firstly let us know your requirements or application.
Secondly We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.
Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order.
Fourthly We arrange the production.

6.What’s the payment mothed?
We are accpet payment by T/T,L/C,PayPal,VISA,MasterCard,Western Union,D/P,D/A,Other.

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