LMP Successor light front position shelf light

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800000 piece per month
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  • Item Type
    shelf and cabinet light
  • LED Light Source
    LED Light Source
  • Warranty(Years)
  • Input Voltage(V)
  • CRI (Ra>)
  • Color Temperature(CCT)
    3000 k or 6500k optional
  • Working Temperature(℃)
    30 - 50
  • Working Lifetime(Hour)
  • Lamp Body Materia
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Dimension
  • IP
  • USB Sockets Unit
  • Finsh
    Painting/ Chrome
  • Color optional
  • Supply Cable Length
    Supply Cable Length
  • End with
    LED mini socket
  • Driving/Power supply optiona
  • Function
    upper and down side glow
  • Use
    cabinet or shelf
  • Lamp Power(W)
  • Lamp Luminous Flux(lm)
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Founded in 2007,we’re always dedicated to creating value through providing solution of furniture and display lighting system.

We have 30 technical engineers which commit to providing innovative and reliable LED solutions to clients, including lighting fixture, distribution block, control and power supply system. Moreover, ourprecision-based project designs are completed by our various professional teams in five major areas, such as optics, electronics, mechanical engineering, thermal physics, and components.

With the establishment of tooling company, driver technical division and high-techlaboratory, we are more powerful to complete projects even within one month.

In addition to being capable of passing UL and ETL, and other testing work, our laboratories maintain an effective partnership with various authoritative certification bodies.Thus, ourproducts are fully in compliance with LED and electronic standards in EU and North American regions.With business getting bigger, the expansion of plant helps us have more productive force to hold more. We also import more machines and testers to support customers.

Our factory is over 24000m². It’s consist of three buildings.We do OEM and ODM. All the building are built according to requirement of ISO and 6S management.Alsowe set exclusive production area for business partners to protect customer’s patent.When the time comes, we will have more productivity and bring more advanced equipment to serve customers.




1. The bulbs last longer 

Display cabinet lighting fixtures not only look attractive when lit, but they are also extremely efficient. LED lights do not produce as much warmth or waste as much energy as the incandescent types. They rarely burn out, are cost effective to power, and are not inclined to break like their standard light bulb cousins.


2. Lower Temperatures 


As mentioned above, display cabinet lighting fixtures stay cool to the touch. As a result, they do not damage the items on display like exposure to intense heat so often does. Lower temperatures mean that they are ideal for lighting display cabinets and for saving energy. Being as green as possible is good for the environment as well as the wallet. 


3. Applications 


Enhance the look of art pieces, paintings, photographs, old books, sculptures, memorabilia, and more. Sophisticated lighting will enrich the look of any item.



Q1. Can I get sample for testing?

A: Sample order is acceptable.

Q2. How about the price? If I buy more, can I get better price?

A: Of course YES. The more you order, the cheaper unit price you get.

Q3. What about the lead time?

A: 7 days for the sample order, 45 days for OEM/ODM orders.

Q4. Is it OK to print my logo on your product? What's the MOQ for mass production?

A: Of course, we can laser your logo on our product, and the MOQ is 1000pcs.

How to Choose and Design Shelf Lights(Supermarket)


Supermarkets are using incandescent lamps for lighting, because incandescent lights produce familiar colors, but there are also imperfections, so some experts suggest A new generation of light source LED lights. Most supermarkets have replaced incandescent lamps with LED at present, which has a better effect on increasing luminosity and improving viewing and purchasing speed, but it still cannot produce natural or familiar colors. So how to choose and design the lights on the supermarket shelves?


LED shelf lights have 4 colors, namely luxurious and cool LED light tube, luxurious and warm LED light tube, cool and white light tube and warm LED light tube.

  • Luxurious and cool LED light tube: It gives people a cool feeling, and makes all colors can maintain the original color or close to the original color.
  • Luxurious and warm LED light tube: Give people a sense of warmth. The same as incandescent light, it intensifies warm light and reduces blue and green cool light.
  • Cool and white light tube: It produces a sense of warmth, which is similar to incandescent light,. It maintains the original color, strengthens yellow light, and reduces the effects of red light and cold light.


In different areas of the supermarket, we can choose different colors of LED shelf lights.

  • In the sales area, we can use luxurious and cool LED light tube, luxurious and warm LED light tube. If the LED light is weak, the effect of adding red LED light will be better. And 30% of the LED shelf lights in the supermarket can get a better and balanced color tone.
  • In non-sales areas, such as work areas and crowded areas, it is more effective to use luxury LED shelf
  • Supermarket department store area: It is recommended to use LED shelf light strips composed of T8 aluminum alloy trunking LED shelf lights or T5 aluminum alloy trunking LED shelf lights, which can achieve higher brightness.
  • Vegetable and Fruit Area: According to the different colors emitted by the different color temperature of the light source, the lighting of different commodities is configured to achieve the effect of attracting consumers and enhance their purchasing desire. Especially in the vegetable and fruit area of the supermarket, the outer shell of the lamp will be sprayed into different colors such as yellow, red, blue, green, orange and purple according to different commodities, which can achieve the lighting and decorative effect.


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