Touch Sensor Dimmer(CCT)

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What's the Touch Sensor Dimmer?


A Touch Sensor Dimmer is a simple project, where the dimmer action is achieved with the help of a Touch Sensor. While a regular switch is used to simply turn ON or OFF a light, a Dimmer (or Dimmer Switch) will allow us to control the brightness of the light. Without a Dimmer Switch, the light bulbs tend to glow at full brightness consuming maximum power. If full brightness is not required, then Dimmer Switches can be used and save some energy. With the help of a Dimmer Switch, we can vary the brightness from fully off to fully on.

Touch sensor dimmer helps save your electricity bill

Nowadays there are so many touch sensor switches applicated in different kinds of dometic appliance, but touch sensor dimmer means a lot for the lights industry. People could alter the brightness of lights at will by changing their touching action. It is unnecessary to keep the lights in a full brightness sometimes. People should have decreased the brightness of lights, but they havn't touch sensor dimmer to change their lights' brightness. There are just two exterme choice for them turning on and off which means bright and dark totally. But touch sensor dimmer could give you multiple choice for warm white and cool white ……

Swiping your finger, dimming the lights, saving your bill, win-win achieving!

Touch sensor dimmer helps ease your eye

As mentioned above the application of touch sensor to lights industry counts a lot. The function of touch sensor dimmer is to change the brightness of lights, turn into warm white and cool white arbitrarily.

Soft lighting helps to protect students' eyesight when they are doing their heavy homework at night.  

Touch sensor dimmer helps improve your sleep

Studies show that cool white light inhibits the production of melatonin in the body, on the contrary warm white helps to give your brain a signal that it's time to ready for sleep. Therefore it's best to dim the lights before going to bed at night. Touch sensor dimmer would be a good choice for those families whose members have trouble in sleeping.

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