Brief Introduction About Installation Of Linear Lights

November 26,2021

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LED linear light is a new product replacing neon light strip in the market at present, which is easy to install and suitable for any accessible place. Led linear light can realize the gradual change of running water, chasing, scanning, displaying images, characters, animations and other effects, with clear images, bright colors and dynamic lifelike. Led linear light has good waterproof performance, and is often used for lighting signs, advertising signs, entertainment places and other decorative lighting. So, how to install such a convenient and affordable linear light? Next, we will introduce it in detail for everyone.


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Guide to LED Linear lights Installation


  1. Indoor installation: When LED strip is used for interior decoration, it is very simple to install because it does not have to withstand wind and rain. Take the LED strip produced by Guanghong Electronics as an example. Self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive tape is attached to the back of each LED strip. During installation, the sticker on the surface of 3M double-sided adhesive tape can be directly torn off, and then the light strip can be fixed at the place where it needs to be installed, and just press it flat by hand. What should I do if some places need corners or grow? Very simple, LED strip is a series-parallel circuit structure composed of three LEDs, and every three LEDs can be cut and used separately.


  1. Outdoor installation: Outdoor installation will be subjected to wind and rain. If 3M glue is used for fixing, the adhesion of 3M glue will decrease over time, resulting in the LED strip falling off. Therefore, outdoor installation often adopts the way of clamping slot fixing. Where you need to cut and connect, the method is the same as indoor installation, except that you need to provide additional waterproof glue to consolidate the waterproof effect of the connection points.


  1. Power connection method: The general voltage of LED strip is DC 12V, so it is necessary to use switching power supply. The size of power supply is determined according to the power and connection length of LED strip. If you don't want each LED strip to be controlled by a power supply, you can buy a switching power supply with large power, and then all the LED strip input power supplies are connected in parallel (if the wire size is not enough, it can be extended additionally), and the power supply is unified by the general switching power supply. This advantage is that it can be centralized control, but the inconvenient place is that it can't realize the lighting effect and switch control of a single LED strip, which way can be measured by itself.


  1. Connection mode of controller: LED horse racing strip and RGB full color strip need to use controllers to realize the changing effect, and the control distance of each controller is different. Generally speaking, the control distance of simple controller is 10 to 15 meters, and that of remote control controller is 15 to 20 meters, and the longest distance can be 30 meters. If the LED strip is connected for a long distance and the controller cannot control such a long strip, it is necessary to use a power amplifier to tap.


  1. Pay attention to the connection distance of LED strip: Generally speaking, the longest connection distance of 3528 series LED strip is 20 meters, and the longest connection distance of 5050 series LED strip is 15 meters. If this connection distance is exceeded, the LED strip is easy to heat up, which will affect the service life of the LED strip during use. Therefore, the installation must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer, and LED strip should not be overloaded.




The application field of led lamp involves the production of daily household appliances and machinery such as mobile phones, desk lamps and household appliances. LED energy-saving lamp as a new type of lighting source, with energy-saving, health, environmental protection and long life, has been favored by the majority of the people and the strong support of the state. Led linear light belongs to a kind of led lamp. Its appearance makes our city add colorful colors at night and brings us a perfect visual effect. We are professional china oem linear light and if you have any need please feel free to contact us.

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