Power Supply

LED power supply is a kind of power supply. It is a device that provides power to electronic equipment. It is also a power supply.  A device that converts alternating current into direct current by means of a transformer and a rectifier. This device is called a rectifying power supply. It is also called a driving power supply.  The electronic device that provides the signal is called a signal source.  Lithium batteries, dry batteries, rectifier power sources, and signal sources are sometimes called power sources.  Batteries have positive and negative stages.


Working principle: THERE are two aspects of the LED power supply requirements, first of all, the output voltage >LED on voltage, the second is the requirement of working current stability, and can not be greater than the rated current of LED.  When the working current of LED exceeds the rated current, LED will quickly appear aging damage.  Therefore, the power supply used by LED must have constant current function.