How To Install Puck Lights By Yourself

November 26,2021

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Perhaps you have no chance to replace your light bulbs but you must have ever seen your father doing that job. No matter how luxury your lamps were they can’t escape the destiny of abandoning and being replaced with ordinary puck lights. It allows people to install by themselves with simple steps. As for girls, it is not bad to learn how to replace your bad bulbs just in case. We are going to introduce the installation about puck lights.


There are a variety of puck lights sold on the market with different design and some of them vary in the installation method.


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To install on opposite angles


Cut the corner lines required on the four sides of the room according to the actual size of the wall. The required corner line of the wall is attached to the lower part of the horizontal line, and the upper edge of the corner line is aligned with the horizontal straight line, and marks are marked in the holes of the corner line, with a hole spacing of 10 ~ 15cm. Electric hammer? For 4mm holes, the marking cross must be taken as the center point accurately when drilling, and the hole depth is about 30mm. Drive the expansion pipe into the hole, and the expansion pipe shall not exceed the installation wall surface. In fact, in fact, the


According to the corner angle, cut the two ends of each corner line into half of the corner. The standard corner is 90, that is, cut the two ends of the corner line into 45, and fasten the trimming corner line with 4 × 20 self-tapping screws. Pay attention to the diagonal flatness of the corner line with a gap ≤ 0. 5mm.. In fact, in fact, the


If the corner line must be installed on the upper side of the tile, wooden strips should be installed on the wall surface at the front of the corner line. The thickness of the wooden strips is equal to that of the tile, and the surface of the wooden strips is flush with the surface of the tile. The installation method is the same as that of the corner line. In addition, the corner line installed on the surface of ceramic tiles can also be used with strong glue such as 502 glue paste on ceramic tiles, so that all fixed wood strips can be saved.


To install by the hook


If the length of the main keel exceeds 150cm, a hook should be added in the middle, and suitable punching installation points should be hung from the ceiling with soft thin lines and marked. Hit a hole with a diameter of 8mm and a depth of 50mm with an electric hammer, then determine the length of the hook, insert the end of the hook with an expansion pipe into the hole, tighten the nut, and after confirming that it is firm, adjust the hook on the lower end to the height, and fix the hook firmly with the main keel with a machine repair screw.


Assembly of aluminum gusset plate


Gloves must be worn when installing the aluminum gusset plate. First, tear off the film covering on the four sides of the aluminum gusset plate, and install it from the keel of the main engine. When assembling it to the wall one by one, the gap between the seams should be consistent, and the four corners of the gusset plate should be aligned. Pull the clamping position on the trimming corner line to 60 degrees, and then start assembling the aluminum gusset plate of keel. In fact, in fact, the


Do not assemble two aluminum gusset plates first, but assemble other aluminum gusset plates and panels to keep the whole flat, the gaps consistent and the seams straight. Assemble and measure the remaining dimensions. If the aluminum gusset plate needs to be cut, the aluminum gusset plate should be cut well. After installing and fixing one aluminum gusset plate first, another aluminum gusset plate should be assembled. The gap meets the overall requirements, and the seam is in a straight line with the whole.


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