Never Underestimate The Kitchen Lighting!

November 18,2021

Wholesale Kitchen Light,Wholesale Cabinet Light,Puck Light Manufacturer

The kitchen is a space we often contact, and lamps play an important role. However, 90% of people have the wrong kitchen lighting! Because in actual use, we found that the kitchen needs more than one lamp! So, how to choose kitchen lights? Lamp type, color temperature, wattage... What else to pay attention to? Here's to you - A guide to the selection of kitchen lighting.


Wholesale Kitchen Light,Wholesale Cabinet Light,Puck Light Manufacturer


Layout the lights from the kitchen function


In the initial decoration, we often ignore the kitchen and always think that one lamp is enough! However, our kitchen is changing a little. From the traditional kitchen to the open kitchen, the functionality is becoming stronger and stronger, and the demand for lighting has also increased a lot. In fact, according to the function of the kitchen, can be divided into basic lighting, functional lighting, and atmosphere lighting; According to lamps, there are ceiling lamps, chandeliers, spotlights, embedded downlights, lamp belts, cabinet lamps, etc.


  • Top light source: provides basic lighting


For basic lighting, the top light source is generally used, such as the panel lamp and ceiling lamp we often choose, with 24W highlight, which can meet the main brightness required by general kitchens. Now the panel lamp is not only lighting but also has the functions of aldehyde removal, antibacterial, small night lamp mode, and so on.


If your kitchen is large, especially the open kitchen, you can install ceiling lamps with adjustable brightness. However, it is more recommended to use spotlights or lamp strips to focus the light in the operation area to prevent local light from darkening. It also looks more beautiful.


Install tips:


?There is a lot of oil fume in the kitchen, so lamps with a simple shape and easy to clean in the later stage should be selected;


?During installation, the lamps shall be installed above the required lighting area to prevent people from blocking the light source and producing shadows.


  • Cabinet light source: provide functional lighting


Ceiling lamps are usually located in the center of the top of the cabinet. However, when cooking, we need more lights - washing vegetables, frying vegetables, and taking kitchen supplies... The focus of the lights is not in the operation area. The light source at the top is likely to cast a shadow on the table, but make the operation area invisible.


At this time, we can consider the cabinet light source to meet our functional lighting. For example, some spotlights can be inlaid in the cabinet above the console, with several 5-9, to ensure the lighting during operation. Several light strips can also be installed to illuminate the local console.


But not all people's kitchens are so large that it is convenient to install spotlights or lamp belts. What should we do? There is also a very practical artifact - a Portable and convenient intelligent cabinet lamp. A Cabinet lamp is a very popular lighting artifact at present. It is movable and very convenient. There is no need to punch holes. It supports magnetic suction, pasting, and hanging. It can be said that it shines wherever it is not lit!


  • Ambient lighting: chandelier, spotlight


More open space, better daylighting, more countertops, and storage areas have attracted more and more families to install open kitchens. For the integrated kitchen, a certain number of spotlights or exquisite chandeliers can be installed directly above the dining table. The slender hanging line has a good decorative effect and makes the dining warmer.


Warm color light or cold color light?


Warm color light can bring a warm atmosphere to the room. It is generally applicable to the bedroom, which is not conducive to the operation of the kitchen;


The main function of cold color light is lighting. Washing, cutting, and frying in the kitchen need enough light. Therefore, cold color light is generally used for kitchen decoration to play the role of lighting.


Of course, you can also directly choose kitchen lights with a variety of color temperatures. There are cold white/warm white/small night light modes, which can be solved at one time.


Other precautions


?The kitchen is humid, so when selecting lamps, pay attention to the moisture-proof function;


?In normal use, always wipe and maintain with a dry cloth to keep the lamps dry;


?There is a lot of oil fume in the kitchen, so you should pay attention to the cleaning of lamps and lanterns to prolong the service life;


?When installing lamps, keep away from the stove as far as possible to avoid direct fumigation of lamps by hot gas.


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Wholesale Kitchen Light,Wholesale Cabinet Light,Puck Light Manufacturer

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