New Retail Lighting: A Field That Is Redefined Every Second

October 25,2021

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If you want a shop to look high-end, in addition to the product furnishings, the number of product colors and simple and easy to learn display skills, lighting is also an important factor. Don't abandon important lighting in order to save so much electricity!


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Importance of lighting to retail stores


?Attract customers


Lighting can make a good impression on customers, so more and more senior retail store designers hope to improve the shopping experience through lighting.


?Create an atmosphere


Lighting effect will affect customers' mood and energy consumption level. Light also has the function of guidance and guidance. Lighting helps to create a friendly, comfortable and pleasant environment, prolong customers' shopping time and affect their shopping habits.


?Beautifying products


High quality lighting scheme helps to create a distinctive retail environment, make products stand out, and enhance visual beauty, color, appearance and texture. If appropriate, lighting can help stimulate customers' shopping desire.


?Create a comfortable and pleasant store environment


Many high-end retail stores will use a combination of ambient lighting, key lighting and decorative lighting. Lighting collocation shall be determined according to the store environment.




Q: What special attention should be paid to the lighting design of new retail lighting and other stores?


A: The traditional store lighting basically focuses on displaying goods, but the new retail lighting focuses on building scenes.


There is a big difference between the new retail store and the traditional retail store, that is, it wants customers to stay longer. Traditional boutiques often put goods in the most important position. They mainly display single products. They must want to have a stronger visual impact on single products. After you see it, you want to buy it.


For new retail stores, you don't have to buy offline physical stores, you can also choose to buy online. How to make customers more interested in the store itself or the brand itself, the store must design a space that can accommodate people, so that customers can calm down, sit down and stay longer. Therefore, when designing, you will think of which points can be taken by customers, which means that the positions that need to be taken have been designed, which is a key point of lighting design in the flow oriented store of new retail.


Q: Compared with traditional lighting, what can intelligent lighting provide for new retail? With the upgrading of consumption and the development of science and technology, how can new retail combine experience, shopping, scene and intelligent lighting?


A: On the one hand, it provides a simpler and more convenient scene experience for the new retail space. In the new retail era, "people" shopping is no longer limited to the "goods" itself, but pays more attention to the "field" experience. There are many factors affecting the scene experience: space design, display layout, lighting, as well as intelligence, the combination of intelligence and lighting, It can accurately control each group of logic circuits and even each lamp, so as to flexibly and conveniently manage the lighting brightness, switch, color change and other scenes. A variety of thematic scene experience can improve the entry rate, residence rate and purchase rate of retail physical stores.


On the other hand, for the operation and management of new retail space, the intelligent control system can automatically switch scenes regularly according to the preset scene logic, uniformly control the effect of chain stores, and reduce management costs and energy consumption.


Q: What are the biggest concerns of retail enterprises about the intelligent transformation of lighting?


A: The biggest concern is "stability and security".


Stability: use radio frequency technology to build a star network, directly integrate the control part into the lamp power supply, and cooperate with signal bridge and other equipment to achieve the most stable effect in a small area.


Security: closed systems, private protocols and edge computing abandon the dependence on the Internet and eliminate the remote attacks of Internet hackers.


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