The first conference of the 9th Employee Representative Congress and the second Democratic Review Conference in 2022

September 20,2023

In order to keep signing out the prominent people and things, based on HENGJIE studied and experience, we decided to hold the first conference of the 9th Employee Representative Congress and the second Democratic Review conference in 2022 to pick out the progressive collective, individual, and the excellent innovation of management and technology, which can enhance the creativity and cohesion of all the company.



PART 1, The requirements of the innovation in management.

1, Together with the realities of HENGJIE, to form new methods or new norms to strengthen the level of departmental management.

2, As for departmental management, they should try to explore more and practice innovative technological outcomes.

3, In terms of energy conservation, increased efficiency, budget control, they can explore new methods or new criteria to control or even reduce operational costs.



(the representative employee from administration was speaking )


PART 2, The requirements of the innovation in technology.

1, To reap clear benefits in reforming new technologies, promoting new technologies and creating new technologies.

2, Achieved great results in the areas of reform, design and innovation, improved work efficiency and produced high-quality products.


(the representative employee from technology department was speaking )


PART3, The requirements of in advanced departments and workshops.

1) As for departments

1 Depends on the programming of the company's development strategy and the management goals of the division, and achieves prominent outcomes.

2 Have a strong sense of unity and co-operation in the department and achieve the company's prime objective.

3 Take each job detail from the company and actively engage in group activities organized by the company's relevant departments.

2) As for workshops

1 As for quality, the coefficient of qualification in the field should be higher than the other, the rate of re-work and repair should be lower than the other, and the coefficient of qualification in production should be higher than the other.

2 As to cost, saving electric and water currents, and reducing atmospheric waste.

3 As to efficiency, the piece wage is carried out entirely, and the efficiency of the product is increased annually.

4 As for the team, the attendance was higher than the others, the 5S rank was great, and the violations of rules and regulations were fairly few.

5 As for safety, no industrial accident, no equipment damage accident, no facility damage accident, no accident of losing something.