12V,3W,120LM,CRI≥80,3000K Warm White LED reading light with touch switch and USB Socket

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800000 piece per month
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  • Dimension
  • Input voltage
  • Wattage
  • USB socket unit
  • Light source
    36 pcs SMD 3014
  • Lumen output
  • CRI
  • Color temperature
    2700k-6500k optional
  • IP
  • Material
  • Finish
  • light with
    1.8m lead and end with a mini connector and mounting accessories
  • Package
    white box or custom
  • Warranty(Years)
  • Certification
  • Driving/Power supply optional
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wholesale touch sensor supplier&manufacturer,china oem touch sensor factorywholesale touch sensor supplier&manufacturer,china oem touch sensor factory




Founded in 2007,we’re always dedicated to creating value through providing solution of furniture and display lighting system.

We have 30 technical engineers which commit to providing innovative and reliable LED solutions to clients, including lighting fixture, distribution block, control and power supply system. Moreover, ourprecision-based project designs are completed by our various professional teams in five major areas, such as optics, electronics, mechanical engineering, thermal physics, and components.

With the establishment of tooling company, driver technical division and high-techlaboratory, we are more powerful to complete projects even within one month.

In addition to being capable of passing UL and ETL, and other testing work, our laboratories maintain an effective partnership with various authoritative certification bodies.Thus, ourproducts are fully in compliance with LED and electronic standards in EU and North American regions.With business getting bigger, the expansion of plant helps us have more productive force to hold more. We also import more machines and testers to support customers.

Our factory is over 24000m². It’s consist of three buildings.We do OEM and ODM. All the building are built according to requirement of ISO and 6S management.Alsowe set exclusive production area for business partners to protect customer’s patent.When the time comes, we will have more productivity and bring more advanced equipment to serve customers.


Advantages of LED Reading Light


1. Energy saving:


The biggest advantage of led desk lamp is energy saving and environmental protection. It consumes very little power. The illuminated light source does not pollute the environment. It has a very long service life. The light emitted by the led reading light is soft and it will not hurt. The eyes will not cause a kind of visual error, or vertigo, dizziness symptoms. So it is still very effective to protect the eyesight.


2. Eye protection:


The lamp with this light source adopts the principle of alternating current technology. Through high-frequency flashing per second, it deceives the number of times that the eyes can accept per second, causing a kind of visual error, thereby achieving the effect of eye protection. Using this working principle has a certain protective effect on the eyes, but this will cause electromagnetic pollution and affect the function of the brain. If you buy LED light source, this will not happen. The excellent performance of led is unmatched by ordinary table lamps.




1.May I have a sample order ?
Yes, sample order is available.
2. What about the lead time?
The lead time of sample is 5-7 days, the delivery time of order is 7-45 days.
3. Do you have any MOQ limit for order?
Yes, the MOQ limit is according to different product.
4. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?
We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping is optional.
5. How to proceed an order?
Firstly let us know your requirements or application.
Secondly We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.
Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order.
Fourthly We arrange the production.
6.What’s the payment mothed?
We are accpet payment by T/T,L/C,PayPal,VISA,MasterCard,Western Union,D/P,D/A,Other.



What is LED Reading Light?

The LED reading light is really used for poor lighting at night and allows you to enjoy reading without damaging your eyes without disturbing other people. You can think of it as a high-end flashlight for reading. Basically it uses LED technology.


As we all know, myopia can be seen everywhere in life, not only for children, but also adults. After adulthood, most people's attention to eye protection begin to decline. In addition, due to work, long-term sitting and electronic screen office, we don’t pay attention to our habits of using eyes, so that the probability of myopia in adulthood is still rising. Therefore, working adults still need reading lights with high-quality that makes the eyes relatively comfortable.


How to choose a suitable LED reading light?We can consider from the following aspects:


  • No blue light and stroboscopic hazards

According to research findings, long-term exposure of the eyes to blue light can cause macular degeneration.Young people work late at night and their pupils become larger in the dark light. At this time, if the screen light is strong and too much harmful blue light is directed into the pupil, it will be prone to long-term macular degeneration. Macular degeneration can directly cause vision loss and permanent vision impairment. The European Union IEC/EN Blue Light-Free Hazard Certification is an authoritative organization that has no blue light hazards. Try to choose this certified reading light when you pick up the light. The stroboscopic hazard of lights is as important as the blue light hazard. Strobe is extremely easy to cause visual fatigue, dizziness, eye discomfort and other symptoms. So when choosing a reading light, pay attention to see if there is a certification that does not have a flicker hazard.


  • Brightness

At present, the brightness of many reading lights on the market can be adjusted, most of them are manually adjusted, some can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient brightness when the light is turned on. There is no doubt that the reading lights with intelligent real-time dimming function can create a very comfortable reading state for the office group, and reduce the fatigue caused by long-term viewing of the screen.


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