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Type: Constant Current                                        Lighting solutions service: LED driver customized design                             
K1: street light led driver                                      Product Series: LED Driver in Stock
K3: led driver module
wholesale display light/corner mounting light/Nook Stick light supplier&manufacturerdetails



Founded in 2007,we’re always dedicated to creating value through providing solution of furniture and display lighting system.

We have 30 technical engineers which commit to providing innovative and reliable LED solutions to clients, including lighting fixture, distribution block, control and power supply system. Moreover, ourprecision-based project designs are completed by our various professional teams in five major areas, such as optics, electronics, mechanical engineering, thermal physics, and components.

With the establishment of tooling company, driver technical division and high-techlaboratory, we are more powerful to complete projects even within one month.

In addition to being capable of passing UL and ETL, and other testing work, our laboratories maintain an effective partnership with various authoritative certification bodies.Thus, ourproducts are fully in compliance with LED and electronic standards in EU and North American regions.With business getting bigger, the expansion of plant helps us have more productive force to hold more. We also import more machines and testers to support customers.

Our factory is over 24000m². It’s consist of three buildings.We do OEM and ODM. All the building are built according to requirement of ISO and 6S management.Alsowe set exclusive production area for business partners to protect customer’s patent.When the time comes, we will have more productivity and bring more advanced equipment to serve customers.



◆ 100% full load aging test, short circuit, overload, over voltage, overheating automatic protection, with efficient and reliable IC solution.
◆ Waterproof IP67 grade, LED Driver adapter is made of aluminum alloy casing, easy to dissipate heat, easy to install, ensure long stability and long life
◆ Wide range of LED power supplies: suitable for LED lighting, security cameras, CCTV, LED strips, LED bulbs, computer projects, industrial, outdoor lights and any 12V DC LED lights comply with global lighting safety regulations, compatibility, no flicker
◆ LED transformer certification: IP67, CE, ROHS SELV and so on. 


The advantage of smart LED power supply


The longer life of LEDs of over 50,000 hours is very attractive to customers. However, the life of the LED driver also needs to be considered. Many think this is about mean time between failure (MTBF); however, this is not life expectancy. In most cases, MTBF is calculated based on component count and provides just one part of information on reliability and life expectancy. When selecting the optimum power supply for LED lighting, look for a power supply that is specifically designed for the demands of the LED and meets power and output voltage.




1: Why we can choose you ?

Reliable--we are the real company,we decided in win-win.


2: What’s the lead time?

A: Sample :1-3working days.Mass production: 5-15working days depend on the order quantity.

3: Do you have any MOQ limited?

A: There is no MOQ limited for first order.


4:How do you ship the goods and how long does it take?

A: We usually ship by DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT. It usually takes 3-5working days to arrive. By air,by sea are also acceptable.

wholesale display light/corner mounting light/Nook Stick light supplier&manufacturer

Don't be surprised, rooms have their own thoughts for lights

Each room in your home serves a different purpose, and the lighting choices should reflect that. However, there are thousands of lights with types of lighting, colors, functions and appearance sold on the market. So people are likely to be lost in various lights and forget what's the real need of the rooms. Now we will give you some expert tips for picking the right lights including display light, corner mounting light and Nook Stick light.

Bedroom lights

It is important to creat a comfortable and cozy atomsphere for your bedroom, and corner mounting lights can help.

1. People spend so much time sleeping in their long life, a comfortable room with warm and dimmer light makes people feel relaxed.

2. People usually read a book or scan their mobile phone before fall into sleep, compared with corner mounting lights  ceiling lights would be too bright for them.

3. According to researches, different colors of lights can all have significant effects on your body's internal clock.  Bright blue-white light makes you feel alert and awake. That’s because this type of light works to suppress melatonin, a hormone in your brain that helps you fall asleep. However, corner mounting lights can help signal your brain that it’s time to produce melatonin. 

Reading room lights

Reading room usually means quiet, noble and elegant, where lights may be required to play an important role not only illuminating but also decorating. Besides table lamp, Nook Stick lights would help. Nook Stick lights would be a good choice for reading room, for they can make it more high-end. Besides, it also convenient for you to move to anywhere you want.

Porch lights

It’s unnecessary to install overall lights on the porch for it’s not a main acting area. So you can choose lights installed on the ceiling or display lights if you have some decorative pictures on the wall. Display lights could make your porch look more artistic.


We specialize in display light/corner mounting light/Nook Stick light. We are committed to providing high-quality quality to satisfy our customers and establish long-term cooperative relations. If you are seeking for cooperating company and want more information, feel free to contact us



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