LED Linear Light

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800000 piece per month
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    LED Linear Light
  • LED Light Source
    LED Light Source
  • Warranty(Years)
  • Input Voltage(V)
  • CRI (Ra>)
  • Color Temperature(CCT)
    3000 k or 6500k optional
  • Working Temperature(℃)
    30 - 50
  • Working Lifetime(Hour)
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  • Finsh
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    Supply Cable Length
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    LED mini socket
  • Driving/Power supply optiona
    HJA20-24VF (24V-20W)
  • Use
    cabinet or shelf
  • Lamp Power(W)
  • Lamp Luminous Flux(lm)
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Founded in 2007,we’re always dedicated to creating value through providing solution of furniture and display lighting system.

We have 30 technical engineers which commit to providing innovative and reliable LED solutions to clients, including lighting fixture, distribution block, control and power supply system. Moreover, ourprecision-based project designs are completed by our various professional teams in five major areas, such as optics, electronics, mechanical engineering, thermal physics, and components.

With the establishment of tooling company, driver technical division and high-techlaboratory, we are more powerful to complete projects even within one month.

In addition to being capable of passing UL and ETL, and other testing work, our laboratories maintain an effective partnership with various authoritative certification bodies.Thus, ourproducts are fully in compliance with LED and electronic standards in EU and North American regions.With business getting bigger, the expansion of plant helps us have more productive force to hold more. We also import more machines and testers to support customers.

Our factory is over 24000m². It’s consist of three buildings.We do OEM and ODM. All the building are built according to requirement of ISO and 6S management.Alsowe set exclusive production area for business partners to protect customer’s patent.When the time comes, we will have more productivity and bring more advanced equipment to serve customers.



LED Linear Lighting is simply the use of many ‘Light emitting diodes’ packaged together in a long, narrow housing to create a strip of light. This simple concept revolutionised the way we light spaces.

Before the conception of LED Linear, lighting long commercial spaces such as offices, warehouses and retail situations was notoriously tricky. Such spaces were lit with large, industrial incandescent bulbs. Linear lighting started evolving in the 1950s with fluorescent tubes, mainly used in industrial spaces. By the 1970s this technology was being used in homes, garages and workshops, and retail spaces. This further created a need for lower cost, better-looking fittings. Creating a continuous uninterrupted line of light wasn’t possible before LED because the fluorescent tubes had to stop and start leaving a black or dark spot.

The improved looks didn’t happen until the early 2000’s when the early version of commercial LED Linear as we know it was made. The demand for LED Linear lighting is now huge and continues to grow. The difference now is that linear architectural lighting and LED technology has broadened the applications of commercial LED linear fixtures. The industry continues to evolve with improvements in aesthetics and performance, moving away from the old, traditional housings, utilising materials in a better way and incorporating more advanced technology.




• LEDs are directional light sources, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light within the fixture and decrease the efficiency.
• LEDs convert energy to light more efficiently than other sources, and when combined with improvements in fixture design, can lead to improved fixture efficiency as well.
• Quality LED products have the potential to last three to four times longer than traditional fluorescent lamps.



Q1. Can I get sample for testing?

A: Sample order is acceptable.

Q2. How about the price? If I buy more, can I get better price?

A: Of course YES. The more you order, the cheaper unit price you get.

Q3. What about the lead time?

A: 7 days for the sample order, 45 days for OEM/ODM orders.

LED linear lights, a great invention for lightening a large area up

LED Linear Light consists of a light bulb suspended from the ceiling, generally on wires or ropes. This light fixture style creates a clean, continuous, linear light profile for a variety of applications, giving it a modern feel.

LED Linear Lighting comes in a range of designs, lengths, and configurations to match the selected room or add architectural appeal. LED Linear Lighting is particularly well-suited to spaces with high ceilings.

A linear form luminaire is known as linear lighting (opposed to square or round). These lighting fixtures have long optics that allow the light to be distributed over a smaller area than conventional lighting. These lights are usually long and are suspended from the walls,surface mounted to a wall or ceiling, or recessed into a wall or ceiling.

Designers with LED linear lights

Designers can do a lot with LED linear lights. There are so many linking forms of linear lights for you to select, such as corner L shapes or T and cross junctions, even round shapes. Curved profiles are especially useful in open-plan spaces and can build a sense of flow across space. Circular profiles are also frequently used to divide space into different zones.

Color temperature 

LED linear light also come with various color temperatures, allowing them to adapt to any lighting situation. Different temperatures, ranging from warm white to cool white, can build mood and atmosphere in a room. Selecting mutiple colors linear light can help you sleep well, as warm white light will give your brain a signal to accelerate the production of melatonine while cool white light does the opposite effect.

Product Benefits of LED Linear Light 

LED linear light could help you save energy and costs without sacrificing style with wide selection of LED Light Bar for home and offices.

It is built with lightweight, durable, and high-quality LED Linear Light Fixtures that are perfect for Office, Store, or Linear Light Fitting, Design, and Systems.

It has a life of over 50,000 hours LED Linear Lighting Strips are several times brighter than their predecessor without the need to consume as much energy.

wholesale shelf lighting supplier&manufacturer,china oem shelf lighting factory

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