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Theory: Pir Motion Sensor
Usage: auto ON/OFF light
installation: indoor ceiling mounted

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PIR Sensor Switches

Standard light switches aren’t exactly hard to use We turn them on without a thought. But what if you walk into utility room with an armload of clothes and can’t even see the switch, let alone get a hand free to turn it on? Or when you’re carrying a heavy box or bags of groceries from the garage and can’t reach the light switch to turn it off? You have to make a second trip, you leave the light on. That is two reasons why a PIR sensor switch would be helpful.


How PIR Switches Work

There are two basic types of PIR switches: active sensor and passive sensor. Active PIR sensors often referred to as radar-based, send out sound waves into the room and wait for the signal to return. (Some garage door openers do the same thing.) If someone enters the room or moves inside the room, the speed of the returning sound waves changes, triggering the PIR switch.

Passive PIR sensors also called passive infrared sensors (PIR) or pyroelectric detectors, detect body heat from humans and animals. The sensor uses a photodetector, which converts light in the wavelengths into electrical current that triggers an alarm in the minicomputer housed in the detector, activating the PIR switch. To prevent nuisance switching, the computer ignores slow changes in room temperature due to sunlight.


Advantages of PIR Sensor Switches


➨Detects motion reliably in indoors as well as in day or dark.
➨It consumes less energy (0.8W to 1.0W) compare to microwave sensor.
➨They are cheaper compare to microwave sensors.
➨They are good for electrical applications used in smaller and compact premises.



Q1. Can I get sample for testing?

A: Sample order is acceptable.

Q2. How about the price? If I buy more, can I get better price?

A: Of course YES. The more you order, the cheaper unit price you get.

Q3. What about the lead time?

A: 7 days for the sample order, 45 days for OEM/ODM orders.

wholesale Motion,auto,PIR Sensor Switch/retail light supplier&manufacturer,china oem retail light factory

The function of PIR sensor switch

PIR sensor is a sensor device that detect  infrared energy, this type of sensor is very popular in the field of motion detection and is a good complement to traditional sensors.


In the application of the security industry, once the infrared motion sensor detects a moving object, it will send a signal to the security system, so that staff of the security system can take action immediately, for example, through the alarm to scare  the intruder away. Motion sensors can also be used as part of a home automation setup and can be designed according to the user's needs.


Passive infrared (PIR) technology is one of the best methods to detect motion. The working principle of this technology is to detect changes in infrared energy. When people walk into the detection area of the sensor, the equipment will sense the changes in infrared energy.


Passive infrared motion sensors can also be activated by inanimate objects that cause changes in infrared energy, including mobile ceiling fans, hair dryers or cold air vents. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid interference as much as possible during installation, select appropriate locations, and adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.


Of course, some PIR sensors also have pet immunity, designed to prevent false positives from pets and other small animals. In addition, when using passive infrared motion sensors, you also need to consider the range of PIR motion sensors, different motion sensors provide different range.


If you would like to find out more about our range of sensor switch, and the other products we offer, simply take a look around our website. You shouldn't struggle to find solutions that meet all of your specifications. You can also get more information on these innovative systems, please feel free to contact us


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