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Advantages of smart CV series
1. Home security

One of the bonuses of this form of smart technology means you can turn your lights on and off even if you are on holiday. Therefore, instead of leaving your lights turned off the entire time you are away, you can fool any prospective thief into thinking people are still in the house by switching on bulbs at different times every day.

This will deter burglars who are keeping a watch on your property, so you can have peace of mind when you are on your vacation and do not have to worry about the safety of your home during your time off.

2. Money saving


Another advantage is that they can save homeowners money, as you can make sure all the lights are turned off even when you are not in the house. By checking on your handheld device if there are any lights left on and turning them off remotely, you don’t have to waste money paying for light that no one is using when the house is empty.

In addition to this, smart light bulbs are more energy-efficient, meaning you can dramatically reduce your electricity bills. Not only do they use less energy, but you can also lower the voltage through its dimmer function, thereby reducing power and making the bulb last longer.

wholesale LED shelf lighting supplier&manufacturer,china oem LED shelf lighting factory

Smart CV matching with LED shelf lighting makes life more smart

Nowadays it is common that CV is widely used in LED shelf lighting. CV is the abbreviation for "constant voltage", and  it is not difficult to know that constant voltage means  keeping the voltage constant under a changable output current. The main benefit of this product is constant voltage dimming which realize lighting dimming through changing output current with constant voltage. This means that the light will be brighter with bigger current. Beside there are two codes 12V and 24V constant voltage for you to selecting. 

If you put an eye on the constituent parts of this product, you will find two sensors for you to replace. You can choose touch sensor or IR sensor at will. If you choose to connect touch sensor you can turn on and off your lights by touching a place where the touch sensor is hidden. And connecting IR sensor may give you an intelligent experience, as you just wave your hand without touch anything to switch the light on and off. Isn't it amazing? a little bit closer to Sci-fi scenarios. 

Beside that promoting the application of smart CV in LED shelf lighting also helps for environment protection. OK, let's list the advantages of LED's application for people's life.

The benefits of LED

1. Energy saving is one of the biggest features of LED lights. LEDS use one-tenth as much energy as incandescent bulbs and one-quarter as much as CFLS.

2.If you are careful enough, it is not difficult to find that every LED screen or picture changes frequently which means LED lights can be switched on and off very often. However, incandescent light bulb can't hold on under that high-intensity work. Filament of incandescent lamp may be broken if you switch it on and off so many times.

3. LED light is environment- friendly as the inside of LED do not have any heavy metal such as mercury. 

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