Tips and Tricks to Install Sensor Switch Rightly

November 26,2021

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Sensor switches are a more commonly used method in smart switches, but installing them requires certain skills, such as location and safety issues.


Now start to use the installation method and precautions given to you in this article to ensure correct installation and safety issues.


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Sensor switch installation tips

The light with sensor switch is on when a person coming and no one is off. Compared with the traditional switch lights, the induction switch has the characteristics of energy saving and power saving, and convenient to use. It is also because of this that the property wholesale sensor switch can save costs. The first step to use them is to install them. Now look at the installation process of the sensor switch.



Connect the human body sensor switch to the LED light, connect the sensor switch N and L terminals to the LED light, and then connect the human body sensor switch to the power cord. It can be powered off and ready to be fixed.



Adjust the set screw on the induction switch to enable the magnetic induction switch to be smoothly guided into the cylinder installation groove, then adjust the induction switch to an appropriate position, and then tighten the set screw.


Function setting

(1) Light control: the working illuminance value can be adjusted in the range of 2-2000LUX, the working illuminance value is about 2LUX when turned to the end counterclockwise, and the working illuminance value is about 2000LUX when turned to the end clockwise.


(2) Delay setting: the induction delay range is 8 seconds to 12 minutes, the delay of turning to the end counterclockwise is 8 seconds, and the delay of turning clockwise to the end is 12 minutes.


(3) Detecting distance setting: The sensing distance range is 1 meter radius-8 meters radius. When turning to the end counterclockwise, the detection distance is small (about 1 meter radius), and when turning to the end clockwise, the detection distance is larger (about 8 meters radius).


Power on

It can be powered on and used after the setting is completed,.


What to pay attention to when installing

Be patient. There will be an initialization time of 1-2 minutes when the power is turned on for the first time, so please wait patiently.


Do not use it beyond the power range.


Avoid the installation location close to spaces with air conditioners, electric fans, etc., because hot or cold air will cause false alarms for infrared sensors and sensor modules, so it is not suitable to install infrared sensors and sensor modules in places with large air flow.


Don't get close to radios, walkie-talkies, antennas and other equipment with large electromagnetic radiation. Because electromagnetic radiation will interfere with the infrared sensor switch, the sensor switch produces frequent false alarms, not to mention the waste of electricity, it will also reduce the service life of the sensor switch.


When installing the intelligent sensor switch and sensor module, try to avoid direct sunlight or install it in the wind vent, try to stay away from the light bulb or heat source, otherwise it is easy to cause unrecognition.


Try to install in a place where the sensing area is relatively open, and should not be blocked, otherwise the sensing distance and range will be affected.


When installing, pay attention to the direction of people walking as far as possible perpendicular to the irradiation direction of the infrared sensor switch, and the sensitivity of moving along the irradiation direction of the infrared sensor switch.


Sensing module installation: the light control components should not be close to the place with the light source, the sensing probe should be installed at 90 degrees from the light source surface, and the sensing probe should be 2-3 cm away from the light source surface in the horizontal direction.


You’d better install it combine the instruction and the tricks we provided when install our sensor switch. By considering these precautions, they can be used immediately after you install them. If you want a variety of sensor switches, you can visit our website:


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