What Is The Difference Between Flexi Light And Flash Light?

October 27,2021

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Speaking of photography light, everyone must have heard of flash light and flexi light. In daily photography, is it better to use flash light or flexi light? In this blog, we will introduce two kinds of photography fill lights in detail through comparison, so that you can have a more comprehensive and full understanding of these two kinds of photography lights and choose more suitable photography lights in shooting creation.


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Flexi light


First, let's talk about the flexi light, which is a kind of constant light. It uses the LED with high brightness as the main light source. The biggest feature is that it has the light filling effect of what you see is what you get; It is easy to operate and widely used. There is no problem with shooting scenes such as still life, close-up portraits, live lighting, video recording and stage lighting, as long as you feel that they can be used for lighting dark scenes. The key is that they are cheap. It can be said that they are an ideal partner for lighting daily photography!


Flash light


After talking the flexi light, we went on to flash light. The most common type of flash is the set-top hot boot flash. Of course, the cylindrical studio light hidden in the light box is also a flash when you take a certificate photo. Flash light is the most commonly used photography light in wedding photography and portrait photography in photo studio. One of their common points is that the power is much larger and the color temperature deviation is small.


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What everyone is most concerned about should be: Which one is better, flexi light or flash light? Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of fill light.


Advantages and disadvantages of two lights


?Flash light


The biggest advantage of flash light is that it can instantly illuminate objects with high power, so that the sharpness of photos can immediately reach the highest level of the lens without any color deviation. For disadvantages: first, you need to have certain skills in using lights. Although there are many automatic exposure TTL flash lights, many times automatic TTL is very weak, and you still need to adjust the flash exposure compensation yourself. Another disadvantage we have to say is that the price of the original set-top hot boot flash light is quite expensive.


?Flexi light


As a rising star, LED flexi light has more advantages than flash light. We summarize three points:


  1. The light filling effect of what you see is what you getand is easy to use and convenient. It can also be operated even without the basis of photographic light distribution, and there is no need to wait for a call back. It is more convenient when capturing.


  1. Softer light quality. In terms of light quality, the brightness of the light source can be adjusted at any time. The light source of the flexilight is softer than the flash light. There is even no need to add flexi light cover, flexi light umbrella and other accessories when shooting.


  1. Focusing can be easily done under low illumination. In the dark light environment, the use of flexilight can improve the brightness of ambient light through continuous light supplement, so that the camera can complete the focusing task more easily, and there will be no lens "wind box" phenomenon due to insufficient light during focusing, such as using flash light.


However, the defect of flexi light is also obvious. The power is not too strong, and it will be useless if it is backlit during the day and if it is too far away. Although some flexi lights have been developed to have functions such as infinite adjustment, highlight and long-range shooting, the price is close to that of flash lights.


In a word, flexi light and flash light have mutual advantages. Photographers should choose the most suitable photography light according to their own shooting needs. Here, our suggestion is: for novices or lovers of daily photography, flexi light is an ideal choice because it is simple and easy to use, low cost and strong applicability. Product still life shooting, children's photography, night portrait portrait supplement light, even video shooting, webcasting lighting effects can be satisfied; For advanced photographers who want to solidify moving objects and pay special attention to the fact that the color temperature of the photos taken is not affected, or require greater light supplement, the flexi light is obviously not suitable for you, so you should choose the flash light.


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